Indoor golf simulator

Bravo Spin for
Golf Simulator

Popularization of Golf Simulator

Can play and practice golf whenever and wherever

Simple installation, Easy to use, Precise Measurements

Sits aside the player, not limiting the space
General coverage from driver shots to puttings
Precise spin rate measures
Various golf physics simulated

Can function as measuring tool(sensor) for various Golf Simulators

High-speed Camera

1000fps embedded camera

Infrared LED

Invisible powerful durable

Status LED

Color signal status Light
It is easy to check status along with color

1. Power Button
2. LAN Port
3. Power Port

Strong connection

Spatial Analysis using 2 High-speed Cameras

Spin rate measurements
Stereoscopic spatial analysis

Marked Ball’s Spin Rate Measurement

Use designated markings for precise measurement
Accuracy unhindered by the ball’s uncleanness

Measurement Criteria

Ball speed
club speed(smash factor)
side angles


Excellent performance compared to other expensive devices
Durable and ease of maintenance
Supports both left and right-handed golfers

Bravo Vision for
Golf Simulator

Stereo Vision Technology

Camera Cognition Technology in Driverless Car and High speed Camera's Analysis Technology.
Applying Field Google Driverless Car ,developing Semi-Conductor Inspection field in Samsung Electrics.

Superiority of technology

1) Faster Calculation to launch ball
2) Accurate analysis golf ball and club
3) Simple golf simulator installation and maintenance

Comparision of other Golf Simulators

Item Co., BV20 Golf*** GC* Abo**
Trajectory& Speed Good Good Good Good
Ball’s path Good Normal Normal Good
Shot time Fast Fast Normal Normal Putt, Appro. Slow
Marking ball No No No Yes
Risk No No Broken at front Not detect to putt sometimes
Problem rate Low Low Low Low
Right & Left Yes No No Yes
Analysis Ball,club Ball,club Ball Ball
Ball’s Clean No matter No matter No matter matter
Installation Normal Difficult Easy Normal
Cost Low High Low Midium
Technology Stereo Vision
(Rear 2 camera)
General Vision
(Rear 1, side 1)
Stereo Vision
(Front 2 camera)
Direct calculation

Detail technology specification

Items Scope of recognition tolerance remarks
Ball Speed 0-400km/h 2km/h -
Azimuth -90˚- +90˚/h 0.5˚ -
Trajectory 0˚- 90˚ 0.2˚ -
back spin 0-16,000rpm 200rpm perfect ball performance
side spin -3,000- +3000 20rpm˚ -
club speed 0-300km/h 5km/h -

Possible space for installation

The height of the ceiling must come from the grass the height of 2750mm ~ 3000mm.

1) All space for Golf simulator
4m more (width) * 3m (height) * 7m (length)
2) Camera module location
rear 1.5 from Tee position and 2.7m height to camera center

About Equipment.

If you want some additional equipment , You can choose like below.
Swing motion camera – 2 Cameras analyzes the form in multiple angles.
Key Pad - Auto tee up machine adjustment, this adjustment to the Ming, Mulligan, Grid functionality.
Auto tee up machine – You can quickly and hit the ball comfortably.
Swing plate - It’s can experience a variety of slopes.



Golf is a perfect game1.
The Bravo Golf Simulator is also perfect.
You feel as if you are playing on a real golf course.
You can play famous courses with your friends anywhere in the world.
You can play 1 Player VS 1 Player online stroke play Matches.
The Bravo Golf Simulator provides previously unimagined golfing experiences
Enjoy new dimensions of golf with the NEW Bravo Golf Simulator.

Virtual Indoor Golf Game - BravoGolf Ver3

Bravo’s golf simulation software has evolved over 10 years of perfecting state of the art graphics,
game-play and ever improving sophisticated IT technologies.
Bravo Golf creates the feeling of actually being out on the course. The ability to replay and analyze those shots on the driving range.
Bravo creates an enhanced reality golf game which delivers a “real golf” experience on the courses of your dreams.

Support various game systems :

We support English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese languages.
Full HD resolution support ( 1920 * 1080 ) and general 4:3 ratio(1280*1024) and 1024*1024, 3840*1024.
We support your swing video to upload. The video can be found on the homepage and smart phone.
Golf ball flight, bounce on the fairway and roll on the green are all perfectly simulated.
Dynamic sound and scenery with synchronized light and shadows providing 3-D effects
We currently provide 74 courses and are constantly adding more.
WeOur software is improved through regular updates. We support 1 Vs 1 Online Video golf matches.

1 VS 1 Online Video Match.

Bravo golf simulator supports real-time online video golf matches .
P2P networking technology with 1:1 authentication ensures real time secure game play.
Enjoy the game, playing alongside family and friends in different parts of the world.
Players can be matched with other players of similar handicap.
Management of handicaps is managed by the game.

Enter the world of real-time audio & video games.
You can check the video on our youtube channel.

Training Your Swing.

Follow the ball flight of every shot.
For each shot the distance, ball speed, club head speed, trajectory, etc. are shown
Analyze your swing with up to two Swing Motion cameras.
We can check the swing motion video. We support up to two cameras.
Save the video to your computer, you can even upload your images to our web page.
16 split images allow for more accurate analysis.
You can save the images to your computer or the Web.

Compare Your Swing

Check your swing using our frame by frame analysis.
Compare your improved swing to your original swing.
Compare your swing with videos of some of the finest professionals in the world.

Bravo Spin Sensor and TGC2019

Remote Support Services.

We can provide you with remote support for your Bravo Golf Simulator.
If you require remote support from us simply install Teamviewer and provide us with your
system ID and Password.
[email protected]
Download TeamViewer Full version


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